To empower women in social, economic and political matters. Specific goals are:

To create a place where women of any race, class, creed, age or educational background are encouraged to participate in politics.
To sensitize society on gender related issues especially cultural practices that hinder women’s development.
To enhance confidence and self esteem in women as leaders and decision makers and to encourage women to vies for all leadership positions in political, economic, religious, social and cultural spheres.
To impart literacy and awareness on human rights and to eliminate civic inertia among women.
To identify and assist potential women candidates for elective posts by enabling them to build their capacity.
To lobby for a women friendly legislative, legal and institutional environment on legislation that discriminate against women.
To inform and educate women on matters of national importance and their indispensable leadership role.
To empower women so as to increase their participation on an equal bases with male counterparts in the political process and use it to solve problems they face as a community.
To improve the standard and quality of life for the Kenyan woman and that of the entire family through economic empowerment programs.