Civic Education


ivic Education program has six projects namely;

Human And Legal Rights Awareness-this project aims to empower women to access justice and seek legal redress creating awareness on human and legal right, provide paralegal counseling and services through community based counselors and provide paralegal support to administrators of justice at the local level in order to improve on the “ supply-side” of rights.
Constitutional Review-the main objective of the project is to enhance the participation of women in constitution review process by creating awareness, prepare citizens to present views on Constitution gains for women.
Voter Education– the main goal is to enhance civic participation in the electoral process through voter education and enhance civic competence in the entire electoral chain.
Electoral Monitoring-this project ensures that there is transparency and accountability in electoral chain (e.g. hiring of electoral officers, appointment of electoral commissioners through advocacy, direct observation and lobbying) , ensures adherence to electoral regulations and procedures.This is through instituting systems to monitor the entire electoral chain.
Candidate Identification And Support– the purpose of the project is to increase the number of elected leaders through a systematic process of identification, support and enhance participation of women in decision making spheres through capacity development.
Youth Outreach-this project seeks to create a process of succession through recruitment of youth, provide a political platform for youth to push their agenda through a series of outreach activities and create a constituency of gender-sensitive youth through mobilization process.
Communication-This Program builds relevant research and documentation to support and improve women’s leadership capacities. It also provides a forum to disseminate information to the public on issues around women and leadership, and at the same time providing a platform to enhance League’s image.