Economic Empowerment Program

1. Program support unit
The Program support unit services the program area of The League. This unit has three components; communication, fundraising and membership recruitment and branch formation.
As a program service, Communication has three sub areas which include research, advocacy and the Resource Center under which publications and audio-visual interventions fall.
The strategic purpose of this unit is to support drafting of quality bills through research, generate project benchmarks through baseline surveys and needs assessment, generate gender desegrated data for purposes of analysis, mapping and targeting and to give trustworthy account of The League by conducting comprehensive evaluation of its activities so far.
Advocacy unit is charged with the responsibility to build a constituency of Memebers of Parliament to support legislative reform favorable to women and the marginalized groups, ensure the various groups buy into the organization’s agenda through networking ,establishing and maintaining a positive organizational image using various avenues of communication.
It provides support to the programmes through avenues of communication i.e. video, audio and publications creating access to current and useful information to stakeholders interested in women issues.
Resource center
The League’s recourse center is stocked with over 10,000 titles on Gender,politics,constitution, Human rights, Health and nutrition, Environment, Development etc. Several recordings of radio Programme Nguzo za Kudumu are also available.
2. Membership recruitment and branch formation
The purpose of this unit is to expand the constituency of women stakeholders through a membership recruitment drive.In addition, it enhances the participation of the members through the formation of branches and branch institutionalization.
3. Fundraising
The unit is meant to diversify the portfolio of grant makers by maintaining contacts, establishing new contacts, branding The League, developing new projects, and expanding The League’s resource base through increased membership, paid-up subscriptions and other income generating activities.