The League’s programs cover the following thematic areas:
1. Electoral and Women Leadership
This program mobilizes, identifies and works with women leaders in capacity building, political party dialogue and other gender governance initiatives in order to create public demand for women’s leadership in Kenya.
2. Governance and Human Rights
This program works to ensure that national legislation and state policies are responsive to the needs of women. It also monitors the implementation gender commitments in domestic laws and ratified International human Rights agreements.
3. Communication, Research And Gender Advocacy
This program builds relevant research and documentaion to support and improve women’s leadership capacities. It also provides a forum to disseminate information to the public on issues around women and leadership, and at the same time providing a platform to enhance League’s image.
4. Economic Empowerment
This program empowers women economically to use their financial stability to pursue democratic ideals.
Our organizational goals include but are not not limited to ;

  • Developing educational materials
  • Creating women education programs.
  • Enhance the role of women in our society through education and capacity building
  • Develop media and communication platforms
  • Trainings and workshops
  • Voter and civic education
  • Economic empowerment programs though self help groups in the villages to compliment ongoing government efforts on the same